About Me

Welcome to Diary of Violet Rose. Before we continue any further, please be aware that this site is for mature audiences only. If you are under the age of 18 (or what is legally allowed in your country) and are looking for accurate and safe information about your body and developing sexuality, please try SexEtc. or TeenSource.

You can call me Violet, and no, that’s not my real name. I’m a 25 year old submissive, in a long term relationship with my Dominant, who I will refer to only as Sir. We have been together since 2008, and madly in love with each other. We are also parents, and keeping it kinky gets challenging with a child around the house. Vanilla life gets in the way of my submission sometimes, and that’s just life.

I wanted to have somewhere to share my thoughts and knowledge about the BDSM lifestyle, so this blog was born. I also love to write and hope to make my living like that in the near future.

Delve deeper into my thoughts and knowledge by checking out the blog, which I have separated into categories. Don’t wanna read the categories? Just click on “Blog”!

Stay Sassy!